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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pimp my Life

I have been listening to a lot of business audio books at work over the past couple years, and as my education is leaning in that direction, it has reinforced my determination to do well in my probable career: Manager. Who knows what or who I will end up managing, but ultimately that will be my main responsibility wherever I go.

I did not dream of becoming a manager when I was a youngin', but I sure dreamed about removing the limitations that are co-requisites for an unremarkable income. I look forward to directing my energy not toward trying to balance a sustainable lifestyle with the associated costs, but to more satisfying endeavors! I want to make all my bills "auto-pay" and never have to worry about not having enough money to pay those bills! Sure, I might buy fancy toys with a fancier income, but I would just love to be able to cover monthly costs for necessities without having to wonder if I will ever be able to start saving money.

And so a certain minimum income is on my bucket list, but as most adults realize, there are many other considerations when developing the formula for a satisfying life. While my career choice might keep me busy for phases of my life, equally as important are the other responsibilities. Those include interacting with my wife and future son, and maintaining relationships with my friends and family. Also, enriching myself personally through physical fitness and intellectual stimulation. Another piece of the pie I need to pay attention to is altruism. I don't give enough to others, be it time or money. I would like to blame my current income, but the truth is I seek personal entertainment first (most of the time) and everything else after. When I grow up I will be better, right? ...right?

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